5 online restaurants with sumptuous foods and amazing discounts at Foodpanda

5 Online restaurants you must order via Foodpanda

U r a foodie…..but do not want to blow out your budget while you treat your palate? Leave all your worries aside! With CupoNation by your side, all you need to do is to list down what you would like to have on each day of week. Rest will be taken care by our Foodpanda coupons.

Here’s a list of the top 5 restaurant offers available on the Foodpanda site that are a must try. You can easily avail big discounts on ordering food from all these restaurants along with numerous other food joints, with CupoNation’s Foodpanda deals and coupons.

  1. Ammi’s Biryani

If you’ve been a lifelong fan of Biryani and craving for that dum-cooked irresistibly sumptuous rice treat, then do not miss to try “Ammi’s Biryani”. Although you would find everything on their menu, right from gravies to tandoori non veg and veg treats. But their Biryani is a must try.


  1. Box 8

Be a host and let “BOX 8” be your dost! Invite all your best buddies over, and order the most delicious supreme wraps, all in one meal boxes, and mouth-watering Mughlai delicacies from Box 8 restaurant via Foodpanda.

  1. Papa Johns Pizza

Nothing matches your love for pizza? Then, Papa Johns Pizza is just the perfect restaurant to head to, when ordering pizza online. With not just some fabulous gourmet pizzas, but also gourmet food offers at Foodpanda, your pizza ordering from papa johns is sure to leave you wishing for more. Although it’s worth trying out pretty much everything on their menu, but their Barbeque pizzas, salads, and garlic parmesan sticks are sure to win over your taste buds.


  1. Rollmall

Be their “Europa rolls” or “fried green chilli” that comes in handy with all dishes; everything about Rollmall is just fantastic. It’s the resturant’s vivid menu that captures all the attention, especially if you’re roll lover. Along with some of the most exquisite roll options on their menu, they olist the simplest food items like Dall makhani and home made chicken curry. They truly have a scrumptious food menu that you simply can’t resist. Do not miss to use our restaurant coupons to avail discounts while placing an order at Rollmall.

  1. Subway

Having gained massive reputation in India and world over for its nutritious delicious subs, Subway is always “go for it” food ordering option for people of all ages. When it comes to having a good time with your friends over some drinks or be it a corporate ordering, there’s no match of scrumptious subs and salads that subway offers. The mid-range pricing makes it all the more popular with young-adults. But, what would you say, if we make this mid-range pricing to even lower level? Yes, with all the Foodpanda coupons at CupoNation, you cannot only order from subway fast and quick but also avail massive discounts on your orders.

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