Apple iWatch will be launched in October presenting more than 10 sensors

The smart watch of Apple come next fall, as noted yesterday two media with traditionally reliable sources within the technology company, Reuters and the newspaper The Wall Street Journal . The launch of this new device makes more sense after submitting HealthKit, the platform dedicated to health that is part of the new version of the operating system of the iPhone and iPad, iOS8 now being tested with a planned launch for fall.

According to Reuters, Apple has asked the Taiwanese firm Quanta Computer 70% of future production iWatch . Among the features that point, the clock rectangular Apple will have a slightly curved screen, 2.5 inches diagonally and manufactured by the Korean company LG. The display will protrude slightly from the bracelet, with an arcuate shape. The charging system is wireless and among its sensors, will have one for heart rate measurement made ​​by the company Heptagon, Singapore. The initial forecast of sales of the new gadget would be 50 million units in its first year, although the agency suggests that these estimates are still subject to change.

Apple iWatch

Apple iWatch


Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal suggests that Apple plans to release multiple versions of their smart watch. Unlike Reuters, the newspaper says the iWatch will be manufactured in different screen sizes. The New York daily says the iWatch (if it is called this way), have more than 10 sensors, among which there will be health and fitness. Apple thus aspire to overcome the criticism that often receive such new devices, wearable or wearables, in the sense that they fail to offer anything they no longer have the best mobile phones in the market. For this source, the manufacturer will also be Quanta, which would have a custom Until this year between 10 and 15 million units.

The new device would come close to the launch of the new iPhone, which will be presented in September if Apple launches rates are maintained, and a slimline design and a larger screen, probably 4.7 inches versus the expected 4 inches of the current iPhone 5S/5C. The presentation of these models can match the distributions of iOS8 and Mac OS X, the operating system of Apple computers, which have a strong integration between them.

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