How to Disable the “Seen” Feature in Facebook Chat for Chrome and Firefox users

Since the release of Google plus , Facebook had started to add User friendly new features for their Social Networking Site which includes App Store, Chat Options, New Timeline look etc. One of its recent and interesting feature is the Facebook seen disabling option. The ‘seen’ feature in Facebook is quite useful as it lets you know when your message has been read by your friend. It turns out to be a life saver sometimes when you want a time sensitive message to be delivered. With the ‘seen’ feature sometimes you can avoid few messages from some of your friends, if you don’t reply for your friends messages even after seeing them, they may feel you are avoiding them or neglecting their messages. In-fact you may be busy at that particular time but it may be hard for your friend to understand the circumstances.



Whenever you open Facebook, the AJAX script will be running behind your browser which reads the time you have read the message and displays it to the person with whom you are chatting. So the only way to stop Facebook from reading the time is by blocking that PHP Script.

For Chrome Users :

* Its a very simple process . You only need to download the below add on plugin and install it
* Download the plugin here – Chrome web store
*After the completion of installation process you just have to decide whether to turn on or turn off that feature in Facebook.

For FireFox Users :

* To use this feature in FireFox you need to install BlockSite plus
* Download the Blocksite plus plugin here – Firefox Addons
* Click on the options in BlockSite plus and paste the below URL and select quick add.

Hope this article helps you to disable the “seen” Feature in Facebook chat . Keep visiting All Tech Hub for more and more technology tips and ticks.

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