10 Best Foods for Perfect and Healthy Skin to Eat Every day

As age increases skin becomes dull. No matter you apply creams and do some facials it look artificial to show your skin healthy. But there are some fantastic foods that can keep your skin Healthy and perfect in what ever age you are. Yes! it is true that foods we take can glow our skin as there are some nutrients in food we take that helps skin glow.



Do you want to know what are they and wanted to have every day to keep your skin healthy ever. Then why late let see them what are that food that can keep us healthy and also skin glow with the same. Below they are in detail:




Carrots are good for your skin and eyes. They are rich in vitamin A and can prevent over production of cells in the outer layer of skin. Vitamin A can also reduce cancers related to skin. You can eat carrots raw and they are very tasty when you eat than raw than cooking them. Then from today start taking a cup of carrots for your healthy skin.

Dark Chocolate:



Dark Chocolate contains high levels of flavonols and a potent type of anti-oxidants. It is also rich in fatty acids to promote glowing skin. Anti oxidants in it can reduce roughness of the skin make it smooth. Dark chocolates can protect us from sun damage.




Papaya fruit is rich in Nutritional Benefits. It has low calories, no cholesterol. Papaya is also a best option for loosing weight. This fruit is low in fructose and good for digestion. There are some anti oxidants in it and also Vitamin C and E are also present that which are helpful for inflammation and acne.




Spinach is a wonderful source of Iron, Folate, Chlorophyll, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Vitamin A, Fiber, Plant Protein and Vitamin C. This is also rich in many nutrients that are required to our body. The anti-oxidants in spinach will fight against skin problems. Vitamin C, E and A are good for Skin. So spinach should be taken every to maintain your skin healthy.

Green Tea:



Green Tea fights against Inflammation. When ever you take green tea if you can add few drops of lemon then that will be more helpful for your body and also skin. The Unique amino-acids, L – theanine can relax your body from stress is present in Green Tea. So don`t skip green tea in your daily routine.




Yogurt is a dairy product that can posses some proteins that are helpful to make our skin firmer. You can also add this to face packs and apply it it can show quick results as it is showing action externally skin will glow and looks healthy instantly. Having yogurt everyday doesn`t make our job risky. Many Indians have this everyday in their meal so don`t skip it keeping all the above in mind.




Omega-3 Fatty acids are present in Walnuts that can help skin improve in its complexion and many. These nuts also have copper mineral in it so it is very good for health. Keeping these in mind you should definitely use walnuts in your diet to maintain a healthy and firm body and also you make skin healthy.




Pomegranates are having poly-phenol oxidants that is very good for health. You can take this fruit as it is i mean you can eat the seeds or you can make them into juice as your choice. You can also use this juice in some face packs and apply to face and neck this can avoid skin problems.




Peppers have some amount of Vitamins that are required for you body. They also have Vitamin B6 and dietary fiber in it. Peppers are also rich in carotenoids. You can eat them raw or cooked. Eating peppers everyday can prevent us from Wrinkles. Yellow and Orange peppers are good as they decrease skin sensitivity.



These oats can keep our blood sugar levels constant. Because skipped blood sugar levels are very risky as they elevate level of androgens, harmones that cause wrinkles. Oats are skin healing so they are very important for skin growth.

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