Best and Perfect Foods for this Rainy Season – Monsoon Health Care

Here is a very good news for all of us. What else anyone can expect now other than some cool breezes.  We have come to end of Summer season this is very horrible as global warming is increased day by day people are suffering with these hot summers. But now Monsoon is coming so let us all welcome with healthy diets.



Here we some health care tips for you to take care for this monsoon days. In beginning of Monsoon everyone is have for cool breezes and rainy drizzles but after a week or so you will have to find some alternatives to handle this rainy season among that health care stands first. So don`t neglect regarding your health. Here are some tips for you.

When ever we think of Monsoons everyone thinks of cool breezes along with that we dream of having hot coffee, hot pakoras, chat, spicy dinner meals, etc.. But that is not at all good for you in health point of view. Then what to eat and what not to eat. Don`t get confused here we give you the list of foods that you can have in Rainy Season and also some foods to avoid just follow them.

Foods You can Eat:

  1. You can have a cup of Tea, that is made of ginger and lemon when ever you feel like having something hot.
  2. You can have soups with all vegetables and corn. Any other flavors of soups that you would like to have.
  3. You can have a cup of cereals every day that provides good nutrition for your body.
  4. You can have Tea that is made of Cardamom and cinnamon that which we call as Masala chai in India.
  5. Not regularly but can have samosa, Chips and Pakora that are made in home. In rainy season specially be very careful that you eat food from outside very less. Because bacteria is every where that time if they don`t maintain clean environment there they may attack you also.
  6. Have more vegetables in your diet. Vegetable soups, Vegetable Fried Rice something like that where you can add more vegetables in a single recipe.

Foods to avoid:

  1. Avoid eating food outside during rainy season. As the surroundings are full of bacteria they may contaminate the food you eat outside.
  2. Avoid fish and prawns during Monsoon as it is their breeding time it is not good to eat fish and prawns better to avoid them. If at all it is must to eat then make sure it is fresh and good quality.
  3. Always see that the vegetables you purchase are fresh. It is advisable that you buy vegetables for every two days instead of buying at a time for whole week. By doing this you can eat fresh vegetables daily.

These are some of the tips you need to follow in rainy season to keep you body healthy and you also can enjoy the Monsoon with healthy diet changes to you regular food habits.

We have listed all important things to take care if you find any thing important along with these you can mention in comments below.

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