Secrets and Tips revealed: Get Flat Abs and Belly – For Women

There are many things that you can flat your belly. But there is a proper formula for everything to do. So as for flat abs also here are some secrets we are sharing with you so that they will be help you to find a solution for yours. These are not that difficult to follow and change your figure. Just need some dedication and hard work, you can do it easily.


Below are some secrets, Tips and Tricks to flat your Abs just see they step by step and try follow them. Why late let us continue to see more about this.

How to Get a Flat Stomach and Lose Belly Fat in a Week

There are some simple steps that you can follow to get flat belly in just week days time. Yes! no doubt you can. Just follow the steps below and observe the change in you. Get ready for the surprise.

Have a Proper Diet:

Starving for food and spending lot of time in Gym does not get you flat belly or stomach. Plan your diet wisely. There is a formula for healthy diet, nothing but calories. Yes reduce the calorie in take and increase calorie out this will definitely work on you. Plan your diet that will have low calories and don`t go for too much low calories as that will lead you to illness not Healthy . Just smart eating with proper exercise to body is necessary. If you maintain this formula properly then you can see the results in just days or else it will take months together to see the results.


For that you can do some things like you can divide the meal into 6 portions than to take at a time. That means eat more times but reduce the quantity of food every time. Dont fill belly with large meals just cut them into 2 times. Next is to reduce intake of fiber foods like Broccoli, Beans, Brussels, Sprouts, Cauliflower etc. Try to eat raw vegetables and fruits in snacks. Choose some potassium rich foods.

Drink to Flat Belly:

Drink lot of water to fill your stomach so that you take little food. Same way fluid content in your body will be maintained properly. If you wanted to drink some flavored drink then add little lime and honey to it. If you take it with warm water in the early hours of the day that will show quick results.


Say no to Alcohol. Drink green tea, Pepper Mint Tea etc. You can add lemon juice a spoon in tea to change the taste of it. Always avoid carbonated and fermented beverages. You can also add ginger to your green tea for more quick results. Prefer to eat some fruits with more water content like Water Melon, Papaya, Pine apple Etc.

Proper Exercise:

You need to do proper exercise to maintain your body fit and healthy. There are some postures that can your body stress at belly and burn the calories there to flat your stomach. Go for a long walk that can make you feel lighter.


Certain postures if you do every day they can adjust your body shapes properly and make it look slim and fit. Choose such postures. See that while you exercise your whole body is stressed or not.

Create the Illusion:

You must create the illusion that your stomach is flat. Dress up in such a way that make you feel slim and fit. Dressing also plays a major role of your appearance to others. If you select an outfit that exactly suits you, then you will look awesome fit and slim. Use some flattering fashion wear when you go out for parties, function and get to-gethers etc.

Hope you like this article on how to flat your Belly (Abs) in just a week. You can comment below for other questions regarding this feel free to share your views.

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