New Delhi: Our effort is wasted, no use of echo friendly durga pooja #Localities

Durga pooja @ 10th day

In new Delhi, some of the areas celebrated echo friendly Durga pooja but, over 70% didn’t followed to use biodegradable materials for in Durga pooja. Compared to last year, the water contamination are reduced by using echo friendly tactics. The localities said (translated) “our effort is wasted, even though we used degradable materials“.

durga pooja river pollution

durga pooja river pollution

Most of the lakes posts and rivers are highly polluted after this festival. After immersions, lots of toxic materials are mixed with river Ganga. The river takes few months to recover naturally.

Earlier, lots of people in some areas used biodegradable materials, and instructed not to use synthetic and POP(Plaster of paris) These chemicals causes problems to aquatic lives.

Some people are volunteered to clean river Ganga and surroundings, this may fasten the cleaning process.

Most of the people don’t know the impact of using non-biodegradable materials, these materials causes lots of direct damage to our environment. The pollution control board is taking action on this aspect, most of the people appealed to immerse the idols after removing toxic materials like plaster of paris and synthetic to save river Ganga.

“but peopel did not cared about the river Ganga, and directly immersed.

Guddu Baba said “The Ganga is peoples’ river, it should be protected by them only”

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