Official Map of Telangana with new 31 districts and mandals: View Now

Telangana map with new districts and mandals

The declaration and formation of Telangana has made whole Telangana as state. Though the new state of India has carved out the declaration of geographical and political map is yet to be declared by the Ministry of Home affairs, India which directs the Survey of India to do so. As it is well known that the geographical and political boundaries in India are incorporated by the Survey of India.

The Surveyor General of India Swarna Subbarao said when contacted that as soon as it gets the directive from the Ministry of Home Affairs it may take ten more days to construct the map of 29th State Telangana. Survey of India is a subsidiary of Department of Science and Technology, India. Due to the merge of some villages and Mandals into Andhra Pradesh regarding the Polavaram project the survey of India is yet to finalize the map of Telangana.

Map of Telangana

Map of TelanganaMap of Telangana

Map of Telangana


The newly formed Union Government of India which promulgated an ordinance merging some villages and mandals of Khamam district in Telangana with the residuary state Andhra Pradesh in a bid deal with the resettlement and rehabilitation of those displaced by the Polavaram Hydraulic Dam Project. Ordinance enables land-for-land in the same revenue division where people will be displaced. To incorporate the official Map of Telengana in to the new School text books State Education Board is too yet to get an official Map as the academic year is yet to start as said by the Poonam Malakondaiah, Principal Secretary of School Education.

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