Google India: Find Nearest ATM’s from Google Home page!

Recently google Search India had provided a link from home page to find nearest ATM centers. This link appears only right below the search bar. Due to Demonetization most of the Indians are struggling to with draw their money. So google India Involved to help users by providing nearest ATM details based on the user’s location. Here is the link given below. This helps most of the Indian users to find their nearest ATM centers. –

Atm locator by Google

Other websites such as and ATM finder are also helping Indians to find their nearest ATM centers. But the major drawback is “users didn’t know whether the ATM has Enough cash or not”


Steps to find your ATM online:

The Government of India is working to resolve this critical condition; people must adjust with current situation. Based on user’s feedback google will update this ATM locator. This tool is accessible for both smart phone and pc users.

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